Privacy Policy and General Data Protection Regulations


Thank you for choosing to learn to drive with PassMasters School of Motoring.

By Agreeing to begin/contine driving lessons with us youre confirming and agreeing your understanding of our responsibilities in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

From May 25th 2018 the way we collect, store and use your personal data is changing.

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there is a necessity for me to collect, store and process certain confidential personal data from you. This information will be stored on mobile and PC devices that are password protected, to which only I have access to.

My assurance to you is that your data will remain confidential and will not be shared or sold to any third party. As a self-employed Approved Driving Instructor, I need to keep certain data for a seven year period to present to comply with the Inland Revenue upon their request. This would include full name, address, date of birth, driving licence number, email address and the number and payment method of all driving lessons undertaken by yourself. All your stored personal information is available to you upon request in writing to the address below.

Mobile cameras, dashcams, are fitted to all training vehicles and are used for safety and training purposes only. No footage is recorded inside the vehicle and none of the footage from the cameras will be shared on any public platform, although it may be used in the event of an accident or safety claim. Copies of the footage, for training purposes, are available upon request. This request should be made in writing within 48 hours of the lesson.

Images and testimonies maybe be used on social media and PassMasters School of Motoring website for marketing purposes. These images and testimonies can be removed upon receipt of a request, from the client involved, made in writing to the address below.

As a member of the Information Commissioners Office Register (ICO’S) I am required to inform them if there is any breach of this data, theft or hack, within 72 hours of the event.

All applications for data should be made in writing to the address below






PassMasters School of Motoring


Mr L Moxon-Webb Adi,


9 Roberts Grove,






S26 2DJ.


07890 922174












PassMasters School of Motoring

PassMasters School of Motoring delivers quality and affordable driving lessons across Sheffield, Rotherham and Worksop.

Call: 07890 922174.

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