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Terms & Conditions

10 for £99 - t&c's

The 10 lesson for £99 offer is split 6 at the beginning, and 4 for the week of your test with normal lesson rates charged in between. All lessons to be taken congruently and no longer than a 2 week interval between. The offer will not apply to those individuals who book a test without the instructors prior knowledge.

The term lesson is a duration of 1 hour, and the offer is for 2 hour sessions.

 When taking the 10@£99 offer, instructors will permit the pupil to take an initial set of hours when starting their lessons and the remaining balance when they reach test standard, again, at the instructors discretion.

All offers apply only if a test has not been booked prior or during the offer period, otherwise the normal rate in your area applies.

There can not be a break between the offer lessons of more than 2 weeks, otherwise the remaining lessons will be forfeited. This offer is purely to assist in continuity of learning, ultimately leading to you passing within the UK average time frame. Abuse of these offers will result in the remaining lessons being revoked without possibility of refund. (this does not affect your statutory rights.) All offers are non refundable unless otherwise specified. This offer is strictly for beginners only (those individuals who have never driven previously).

All promotional offers are limited to one per pupil.

Upon the commencement of lessons all financial transactions will there on after be between yourself and the self employed instructor. All lessons must be paid for in advance. Any refund or complaints must be addressed in the first instance with your instructor as they are self employed. Cancellations should be made directly with the instructor, 48 hours prior to the lesson appointment, otherwise the lesson is chargeable.

All lessons are to be taken in manual vehicles.

Offers will be forfeited if a test is booked without prior consultation with your instructor and a prior agreement is reach in this regard. On the occasions that advice of the instructor is ignored pupils will be referred to our intensive fast pass courses.

Should a block booking wish to be cancelled before its completion then a refund will be issued for the remaining balance. This will be subject to the lessons already taken being charged at the full hourly rate. 

Trial Lesson - t&c's

Trial lesson fee refund will be paid once a block booking of 10 lessons or more has been made and paid for in full.

Recommend a Friend - t&c's

Recommend a Friend offer available to current pupils only. £20 will be paid to the original pupil when a block booking of 10 lessons or more has been made by the new pupil and paid for in full.

17th Birthday Offer - t&c's

£17 for 17 year olds offer is available to pupils who take their first lesson on their 17th birthday only. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with ANY other offer.

All offers can be withdrawn at any time and without prior notice. 





6 Lessons for the Price of 5 - t&c's


(December and January only)


Lessons price refers to the full rate for a one hour lesson - £22

Offer must commence between 1st December and

21st December 

Payment must be made in full - £110 - at the commencement of the first lesson

Lessons can be taken in hourly, hour and half or two hour durations

All the lessons need to be completed within three weeks of the first lesson

Refunds will not be given should you not take the full 6 hours within a three week period

Electronic Payments

All payment made via our Izettle facility will incur a 3% service charge

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